Show Diary

DubFreeze 2007 - Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Well we attended our first DubFreeze event this year, and thought it went very well. We met with a customer on Saturday who took delivery of a complete Exclusive range of furniture, and spent the balance of the day setting the display.

Watch out for more photos of Flo in the customer gallery as Mark prepares his camper ready for the road.

Thank you to everyone who came over to say hello on Sunday, it was nice to meet you all and discuss your various ideas and visions you had for your beloved campers.

Apologies to anyone who we did not get the chance to talk to, as it was very busy at times. By the end of the day I had nearly no voice left...and only managed to grab a sandwich after 4pm.

I do hope you all enjoyed The Camper Shak display....and we have come away inspired to have a much larger attraction next time.

Best Regards