T4/T5 Sun Canopy

Perfect for the spring and summer months ahead The Camper Shak “Sun Canopy”, hand crafted from fully waterproof material & waterproof contrasting pelmet will add that special touch of styling to your cherished camper….and put others in the shade.

Being campers ourselves we’ve thought about the design and functionality of this product to ensure its ease of use and storage in your camper.

And there’s everything you will need with your sun canopy pack including:

Sun Canopy

2.5mtrs long x 1.5mtrs deep, fitted with stitched 6mm piping sleeve, with colourful contrasting pelmet. (Ready to slide into your awning channel)

2 x 6ft inter-linked bright metal upright poles

4 x 10mm inter-linked carbon side support rods (2 for each side)

2 x 3mtr guy ropes

Your Camper Shak “Sun Canopy” can be hand crafted from over 15 different colours with many contrasting pelmet fabrics to chose from, will ensure you’re the envy of the campsite.

Our contrasting pelmet is completely waterproof with water simply running off it like mercury. With all fabrics sewn using fully waterproof thread your sun canopy should look good for years.

Coming in its own matching draw bags your handcrafted sun canopy, poles & guys will remain protected in your camper until you need it.

For more information please contact Diane in sales:

01704 891 728

07952 722 301

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