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Paul commissions The Camper Shak

Paul has been involved in the automotive industry for as long as he can remember, and has renovated a number of classic VW’s.

He has taken very tired spilt screen campers, beetles and bays and brought them back from the grave…….but all for other people.

So when Paul & Diane purchased their latest project, they decided this was one was staying in the family. As you can see by the shots this camper has been taken back to basics.

Paul has replaced the entire cargo floor, front doors and several panels….and done all of the work himself…welding, fitting, and preparing for re-spray.

When Paul has fitted the engine and gearbox the bus will be heading for the spray shop. So with the outside now under control it was to consider the campers interior.

Paul & Diane have commissioned a complete hand crafted interior from The Camper Shak, which will be delivered to Birmingham to coincide with their camper coming out of the paint shop.