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Daisy...Daisy...give me your answer do

Robert and Susan purchased…Daisy only a month ago in September, and Daisy has been a real Yorkshire Lass. She was bought from a chap in Leeds….who bought her from a family in Ilkley in West Yorkshire.

This girl has been around a bit…..she may even have spent some time in Cumbria. Robert and Susan have three children who are bursting to get in the camper, and start having adventures.

Well after Robert had looked carefully at the 26-year-old interior it was time for a change. They liked the layout of the Devon Moonraker but wanted to make it suit their family’s requirements.

Robert stripped the camper and sold what was salvageable…and gave all these funds to his chosen Charity.

Now with the camper stripped it was time to think about filling it. Robert and Susan made contact with us at The Camper Shak…and very soon we had some ideas for them to consider.

Robert wanted to fit his furniture round a full width Rock n Roll Bed…..which meant splitting his units up in the remaining space. With the plan agreed on the furniture, Robert now laid his new laminate flooring, securing in place with a door strip from the Shak.