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Sprout is Planted at The Shak

Michelle and Josh made the trip up from RAF Valley in Anglesey at the weekend to drop off Sprout for a complete transformation at The Camper Shak.

Well it is fair to say that we‚€™ve got our work cut out as this little sprout needs everything from the top down and from either side. We will begin with prepping the roof, lining out, creating a sleeping area up top for the children with new upholstered cushions etc.

Then new headlining throughout, upholstered lighting panels, full suite of doorcards, crafted in a three colour combo which will compliment Sprouts external shades.

Our furniture will be crafted in a funky linen for the carcass, with wood grain tops to match the new flooring. Full PMS electrics with 240v hook up, and plenty of power outlets for the familys requirements.

Full width bed with matching upholstery, all courtesy of The Trim Shak (the upholstery arm of the Shak)

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