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Billie makes a bolt for the Shak

Geoff and Saranna met with us to discuss a little makeover for their dormobile camper Billie. The couple had purchased our Vintage luggage Cooker last year, and liked the funky look in the camper.

So after a relaxed meeting at the Shak, we had a plan of development for the New Year. We are beginning with a brand new metal framed RnR bed, with new upholstery throughout.

Billie is going to have a bespoke buddy seat running adjacent to the Vintage luggage Cooker, but sporting some of our historic vintage books. A new buddy seat cushion will provide a comfy L shaped seat for the couple to chill out.

New upholstered upper side panels will be fitted to house the couples new lighting system. Billie will be ready for the new season, all spick n span.

Ooops think we might have a little damp here Houston

It was not long before we discovered the reason behind Billies musty aroma, as it looks like his floor has been getting a little wet over a period of time.

Once we spotted this Saranna and Geoff were informed, and now we are sealing up the bellows front rivet attachments, a possible cause for water ingress, and fitting a brand new marine ply floor. Follow our Facebook page for updates