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Englebert lands at The Shak

Matt, Chris & Jack dropped off Englebert the Mooraker this week for a complete transformation at the Shak. It is our job to get him over the Hump, and turn him back into a real show stopper. This is another massive Moonraker conversion for the team one of many already booked in with us this year.

We will start from the top down with new upper lining, bellows, upper beds, then headlining, side dressing, new suite of crafted doorcards, flooring & tiles.

Then we can begin to fit Englebert with a new suite of Elite lightweight furniture, hand crafted in a textured oak, with contrasting high gloss sculptured cream work tops.

Final touches will be all new crafted upholstery from the top down, new metal framed RnR bed, full PMS electrics & funky lighting what a whoppa.