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Gill & Claude arrive at the Shak

Gill made the journey up from London with Claude, her very early bright blue bay. Claude is a solid bus who hails from Germany, and although his exterior is looking quite smart, his interior is something of another story.

We will begin right from his little turret top, with a new hand crafted set of Camper Shak bellows. Once this is in place we will fit new headlining throughout, with our illuminated side panels, but Claude will have a special led lighting, with white, and cool mood blue.

A full suite of hand crafted doorcards in Dune & cool blue will bring him right up to date, then Gill has decided on our Compact cooker across the bulkhead, with a single seat / store beside the window, all hand crafted in Tirrano Pearwood

The full size westy bed will be re-upholstered in Dune & Cool blue, but with retro 50mm quilting right across the width of the cushions.

Full PMS electrics with 12v & 240v controls, the full Camper Shak treatment, and all under one roof.

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