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Vincent the Vivaro

Sue & Ian dropped off “Vincent” who was previously a painter’s trusty steed, but is going to become a thing of beauty at the Shak.

There is more paint in the back of this Vivaro than Van Gough’s paint palette, but every journey has to start somewhere. Now that Vincent is in our care we can begin our magic at The Camper Shak.

He is going to be completely transformed with firstly insulation, auto-carpet lining throughout, then with this complete we can begin to design an Exclusive suite of furniture crafted from Grey Bordalino Oak with contrasting black speckled worktop.

A metal framed bed complete with integral seatbelts will be fitted, and to compliment this we will craft new upholstery in grey with black piping….and of course we’ll work our magic on the front cab seats.

With silver tambour doors, led lighting & full PMS electrics this old painters van will really become a classy camper for the spring months ahead.

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