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Moss Garden Community Project

The Camper Shak has been commissioned to work on a disused Greater Manchester single Decker Magic Bus, and convert it into a focus point for the Moss Side community.

Joanne Wilkes the community project leader made contact with the Shak a couple of months ago, and during our sites visits we listened carefully to Joanne’s aspirations for the project. We returned with some design suggestions which were floated for approval and soon after we had the green light to begin the transformation.

This is an exciting project as we now have the task of converting this empty bus into a place of interest for the community. We will begin by removing all the seating, upright bars, radiators, old flooring etc.

Then with the bare canvas exposed begin to fit out with new anti-slip flooring throughout, with complimentary designed wood upstands in Romano Cherry

With this complete we’ll create a café area at the rear of the bus with bespoke kitchen units along the rear wall, and by re-using some of the seating & rotating them through 90 degrees we can create opposing seating for relaxed coffee breaks or face to face meetings.

There will be a large bespoke storage area at the front of the bus for arts & crafts materials for when the young people in the area begin their creative workshops.

Follow the facebook page for more updates.