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Mazda Bongo a cautionary tale

Pam & Driss were looking forward to getting their Bongo back after a conversion from across the Pennies. However when they got their newly fitted camper back home all was not well.

On closer inspection their new interior was not quite what they had expected……so after some soul searching and a referral from a friend they came to the Shak for some advice & help.

When they visited us in our new workshop I frankly couldn’t believe my eyes, as this was sold to them as a fitted interior. The couple didn’t even know till I showed them that the Smev sink & cooker combo wasn’t even secured to the worktop.

Nothing was connected so they had no water, no gas, no fitted cooker.

The rear cupboard has two doors one at the top, and one accessed from the rear…with nothing in-between, so when you put something in the top it falls straight through to the bottom.

The metal framed bed is a nightmare to operate, and the 6mm wood used for bed boards is a rough as a bears behind…….we have better looking off-cuts in our waste bin.

The real tragedy is that this interior has cost them thousands, and they can’t use it. So they have come to the Shak for a professional assessment and a promise to put everything right so they can use their Bongo camper.

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