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Peugeot is a real Partner

Nick loves to walk and climb and travels all round the country in pursuit of his hobby. His trusty Peugeot Partner is a cracking vehicle to transport all his gear, but often Nick felt he just didn’t have enough storage or a place to rest his head.

So after a meeting at the Camper Shak we had a plan to turn this empty Peugeot into a functional outdoor pursuit vehicle. Nick’s brief was to design both a bed and useful storage areas for his gear.

It was not long before we had constructed mock-ups to show Nick for his approval before hand crafting the furniture in his chosen wood colour “Grey Beige Zibrano”.

To make life a little warmer and quieter we insulated all the side and roof panels, before fitting a new set of soft feel door panels finished in a light grey to match the existing trim.

Then with all the furniture in place we will add the final touch with Nicks hand crafted G.T. upholstery, which should make the interior look quite sporty indeed.

Check for progress over the coming days