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American Split screen comes to the Shak

Andy & Karen have imported a beautifully restored Split screen camper from America. As soon as it was out of the crate Andy was trawling the internet for ideas and inspiration for his new interior.

The camper is currently sporting a two tone retro style deluxe trim, but Andy & Karen have other ideas. Andy has an I.T. background and his interior is going to house a multitude of innovative electronic wizardry.

After communicating for some time over the net, Andy & Karen came up from Taunton to visit our stand at DubFreeze yesterday. They both wanted to get up close to our Exclusive range of furniture and check out the various wood grain options for their camper.

Well before the close of the show they had commissioned a complete suite of Camper Shak Exclusive furniture for their Splitty. The camper is due to arrive mid April for its fitting…….follow the story over the coming weeks